Help! Social Media Is Down!

Websites often need to take time to go offline for updates or other important maintenance tasks.  Sites can go offline or “down” because of server issues or outages with connections.  If the site that is not working is a social media platform such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook, as a user, it’s frustrating sometimes, right?

The good news is this is almost always a temporary situation.


So what do you do when social media platforms are “down”?

Relax and be patient.  Typically the site will tell you they’re performing maintenance or that they’ll be back soon.  (You can check a website like to see if a particular site is experiencing issues.)

See if you can connect to other websites.  If you can’t, look at your modem and internet connection and see if there is a problem there.


So, I have a “tough” situation for you to consider:  If you are solely relying upon social media for the “success” of your business, are you utilizing it as your “home base”?  If so, why don’t you have a connection to your customers outside of social media?  Do you have a collection of email addresses so that you can stay in contact?  Do you have a direct email list?  Do you have a website that you keep updated?

How are you going to keep connected, engaging and keep your business moving forward without absolutely leaning upon free resources such as social media?  (I already gave you a couple of hints 🙂 )

The answer:

Create your own website.  You pay for the domain name and for the web hosting platform.  You own the content on the website and you keep it updated.  It’s your connection point, it’s your resource center.  A website can also serve as your customer service hub.

Build an email and/or a direct mailing list.  The customer email and home addresses that you have collected helps you to maintain  connection for customer service reasons and to share the latest news and updates.

Another alternative is to be active on more than one social media platform at a time.

Here’s something else to keep in mind:  Not all of your customers are using online resources or social media, so how are you going to stay in touch with them?

Tell me your thoughts!

Happy socializing!  🙂  Dawn





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