Are you in a frenzy because you’re not sure if your Facebook account has been hacked or cloned?  Are you getting all kinds of messages and seeing posts telling you that accounts are being cloned and hacked and you’re freaking out?

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Truth is, this has happened several times over the past 10 years or so that I’ve been using Facebook.  Currently, I’ve read a lot of posts and messages on Facebook about accounts being clones and hacked. Although some accounts are actually hacked and cloned, it is important for you to do a little work to be sure that you’re not affected and are as secure as possible in these situations.

Here is an easy way for you check your Facebook account, if you think your account may have been compromised (hacked):

Log into your Facebook account (this is the desktop version).

In the upper right of your page, click on the downward arrow, where you go to log out.

In this menu, click on “Settings”.

On the left, you’ll see a list of categories. Click on “Security and Login”.

Next, you will see a page filled with the devices that you’ve logged into your account with, when and the locations that these devices have logged in from. Click on “See More” to view more logins. Take note that the location may not perfectly match your current location because of the service location of your provider, so be sure to check the date, time and browser/app, and device that was used to log in with.

If there is something shown that you don’t recognize or are not sure of, click on “Log Out Of All Sessions”. You will then see a box pop up from Facebook asking if you want to log out of all devices and they will walk you through a quick check of securing your account.

Unfortunately, on the internet, lots of information can be reused and misused and our social media profiles, photographs, and other personal information can be at risk.

Although it may seem like an inconvenience, you do want to consider logging out of all devices after using apps such as social media and changing your passwords at least once a month to something that is unique and not something that someone could easily guess or matches another password that you use elsewhere, that is a combination of symbols, numbers, lower and uppercase letters.

Something else that you might want to consider is not using apps on your phone for social media platforms and messaging (example: Facebook Messenger). Although it may be very convenient, it could also not be your safest option.

Take a look at each of your social media platform profiles and the privacy settings and adjust them accordingly – not just for your timeline and profile, but also for your friends list (you can protect this best by making it only so that YOU can see it), photo albums and posts. In Facebook’s case, for example, your cover photos, profile picture and the featured photos on your timeline are all public, so you may want to take that into consideration.

If you think you have been “cloned” on social media, do a search or find the profile and report it to the platform.

If you have a profile set up somewhere online or a website and you’re not using it, remove it – delete it completely and then remove the app from your mobile device.



Facebook Chaos – I’ve Been Cloned! I’ve Been Hacked!